How To Stay Motivated

…or, rather, how to stay consistent!  Because motivation is result-driven, once you see and feel positive progress, you are inclined to continue on that path.

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The Pregnant Athlete Mindset

Two pink lines. Lab results. A phone call. An “I’m late” thought.  However you come to the conclusion that your eggo is preggo, this moment

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Weight Training for Fat Loss

High-intensity interval training and high-intensity resistance training are most effective at elevating both short and long-term after-burn. The reason HIIT-type exercises are thought to be more effective

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How to Build Muscle: Part 1

If your current goal is to build muscle (even while simultaneously trimming fat), then this guide was created for you. The information below will provide

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Masters Training

Facts: We are all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain or even improve our level of fitness. By doing so, we can

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weightlifting after 50

Life is short. Life is long. Views on lifespan range and the perspective of health & fitness in the aging category can vary. A lot

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5 ways to improve gut health

Not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, the human body is host to trillions of bacteria and other microbes, good and bad. You can find

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